Edlef Bartl receives Global Achievement Award from GEA

The family of Edlef Bartl were presented with the Global Achievement Award for excellence on behalf of Mr. Edlef Bartl who passed away unexpectedly in February 2014. Mr. Bartl’s family, including his widow Mrs. Ingrid Bartl, daughter Stephanie Bartl Schwarz and son in law Thomas Schwarz, accepted the award on behalf of the Bartl family.

Mr. Bartl was recognized for his many years of service in the envelope manufacturing industry and for the important leadership he provided in the formation of the Global Envelope Alliance in 2003. He also provided executives to work with the organization. Maynard H. Benjamin, president & CEO of GEA, presented the award to the Bartl family. Mr. Benjamin spoke about his friendship with Edlef Bartl, who was also his mentor. He credited Bartl as being very instrumental in guiding GEA and introducing executives, which helped to grow GEA in the long run.

Mr. Bartl was also recognized for providing company executives to represent GEA in the Universal Postal Union and for his leadership in helping to unify the German Envelope Industry spending 30 years and more to grow his company and other companies in Europe. Mr. Benjamin indicated that Mr. Bartl began as a small envelope manufacturer but always had a global vision and today helped create the largest envelope manufacturing company in Europe.

For more information on the Global Envelope Alliance, contact the GEA office at 703-739-2200 or visit www.envelope.org.

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